Parking Options for Environment Expo Attendees in Tampa, Florida

Are you planning to attend the Environment Expo in Tampa, Florida? If so, you'll need to be aware of the parking options available. Special Event Validation (Chaser) tickets can be used in garages at Fort Brooke, Pam Iorio, Twiggs, Ybor Center, and Palm Ave. The Ft Brooke Garage offers 556 parking spaces per hour and is located about 0.5 km (or 7 minutes' walk) from the Tampa Convention Center. This parking lot is a bit further away than the other two options, but it's usually less crowded, making it easier for drivers to get in and out quickly.

You can also park at the Ybor car park and take the streetcar to the Cotanchobee Riverwalk, Marriott, and the Convention Center. Armature Works has four parking lots for guests in its vicinity. All Armature Works lots, except Lot 220, offer free parking Monday through Friday until 4 p.m. Parking during special events and holidays may vary. The Heights District parking lot is located approximately one block from Armature Works, in the same space as Sprouts, F45 and Escapology. The Tampa Riverwalk is a 2.6-mile boardwalk that connects Water Street to Armature Works.

You can get to Armature Works by bike, walk, skate, or roll. Electric scooters are another fun and cost-effective way to explore Tampa and get to Armature Works. Located near the same location as the Coast bike sharing station, on the corner of W.In addition to the parking spaces for the disabled found inside the parking lots, there are 33 designated spaces on the streets of downtown Tampa for visitors with disabilities. Two of these spaces are located on the circular walkway of the Tampa Convention Center, in addition to 34 other metered parking spaces.

For off-street parking, visitors can find parking spaces designated for people with disabilities in garages around the city of Tampa, including the one at the Tampa Convention Center. Roads are being realigned, traffic patterns are changing, and new transportation options are emerging in order to create a more user-friendly environment in the blocks surrounding AMALIE Arena. In this case, we recommend that you park in the garage at the port of Tampa Bay, in the English Channel District, or in a garage in Ybor City and take the Tampa streetcar to our building for free. As an attendee of the Environment Expo in Tampa, Florida you have several options when it comes to parking your vehicle. Special Event Validation (Chaser) tickets can be used at Fort Brooke Garage which is located 0.5 km from the Convention Center and offers 556 parking spaces per hour. You can also park at Ybor car park and take a streetcar to your destination or park at Armature Works which offers four lots with free parking until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. For those with disabilities there are 33 designated spaces on downtown streets as well as 34 metered spaces at the Convention Center.

Additionally, there are garages around Tampa that offer designated spots for those with disabilities. Finally, if you're looking for a more convenient option you can park at Port of Tampa Bay or Ybor City garage and take a free streetcar ride to AMALIE Arena.

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